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April Society News
Martin Boddy

Once again the weather has been very poor with a only a few clear nights. The 'Kelling Heath Star Party' was a victim of the weather with only one really clear night during the week, hopefully the Autumn Star Party will fair better, there will be group of NNAS members staying there.

The Sun continues to be very active at present, with more opportunities  to photograph the Northern Lights. Solar viewing and imaging is becoming very popular at due to the Suns high level of activity, also the quality of images produced with today's equipment is staggering.

The society has a solar scope which all members have access to at the Observatory.

The nights are getting very short now with Summer twilight arriving soon, so we can look forward to Moon watching until August when the darkness starts to return, 

Work continues at the observatory, and a lot has been achieved.

The Radio Telescope is now attached to the mount. The electronics have been tested and modified to remove interference and produce a clean signal. 

We now have an All Sky Camera and site internet operating.

AllSky Camera

The new meeting room is now in use, the electrics have been installed, a new window has been fitted and work top, the carpet has been laid. Work has started on the concrete pad next to the meeting room, this has been dug out ready for the slabs to be laid.

New Meeting Room  

An access ramp will be built for the entrance. Once the pad is complete we will have an imaging centre where members can set up their own equipment and operate from inside the meeting room, in the warm!

Green Farm Observatory is open most Friday evenings to full members.

The observatory offers various options which include viewing if clear, imaging and processing, plus radio astronomy.

Our main source of society information is via Facebook and on the Website at ( On the website under articles we will post the monthly society news to keep you up-to-date.

We are there Friday evenings at 7.30-8.00pm weather permitting.

We will indicate on the website if we intend to be there, you are welcome to pop along and if clear viewing will take place.

Please remember to bring a torch, ideally one with a red light.


The meeting on April 20th at Binham Village Hall went well, although not as well attended as the previous meeting, but we covered our costs.

The next meeting is in on June 15th at Binham Village Hall when we will have an update on SpaceX,


Entry £2 for members, £4 for non-members. Children up to sixteen free.


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