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NNAS – Terry Rose – Radio Telescope & Technical. 2023


Radio Telescope -

This year we have made some significant progress in the installation and operation of a radio telescope at GFO. After mounting the dish on a concrete block for stability and installing the electronics to receive hydrogen emission signals, the initial results were impressive. Some software update issues have now been resolved and operation of the telescope will re-commence in the near future.


Networking -

We have improved the data network throughout the GFO site and we have also installed a broadband internet connection which will enable software updates and remote access to PCs and other equipment mentioned below to take place.


All Sky Camera -

An All Sky Camera is ready to be installed which will be available to view remotely via the internet connection.


Jupiter Listening Station -

A 7 metre dipole aerial has been installed for the purpose of receiving radio burst signals emitted from the planet Jupiter. The software for processing these signals is presently being evaluated.


Meteor Detector -

The meteor detector continues to function, and although our location does not allow us to observe the major annual meteor showers which mainly propagate from the N and NW, the addition of the All Sky Camera will add the possibility of a visual confirmation of a radio detected meteor strike.

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