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NNAS – Alan Rose – Obervatory, Calver Telescope 2023

Meeting Room

This year the Meeting Room has had a window added so that the operation of telescopes can be observed from inside and has been carpeted and painted inside and out.
Electrics in the form of lighting (also red), sockets and external power to telescope mounts has been added with a work bench on which laptops to control telescope mounts can be placed.

Calver telescope

Repairs to the Calver observatory end flap doors have been carried out. 

The mirror to the Calver telescope has been refurbished. Resulting in very much improved views of The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars etc. 

I personally have been undergoing tuition.  So that I can demonstrate the Calver to visitors and new members.  Thus giving more time for other committee members to show and instruct on other aspects of astronomy I.e imaging and use of telescope.

General Site maintenance. 

The safety of visitors and members on the site is important. 

Therefore regular mowing and strimming of the grassed areas has taken place during the year. Though there are uneven dips and bumps which could cause trip hazards on the grassed areas. Therefore, level slabbed pathways have been extended keeping members and visitors off the undulating grassed areas as much as feasibly possible with a ramped wheelchair access to the resource centre provided so any disabled visitors can now view the stars and planets etc in the relative comfort of the Meeting Room,.

Fencing, safety signage and red lighting have been provided on the site to guide members and visitors around these undulating areas and prevent sustaining injury from coming in contact with the low eaves of the Calver shed etc.

General tidy ups of the site have periodically taken place.  Removing bits of wood and other rubbish etc to further negate the possibility of accidents and damage to lawn mower etc.

The shared toilet facilities have been cleaned up and new WC and handbasin provided.

Alan Rose

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