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NNAS – Gary Heard – Website & Data Management 2023

A year of progress in association with the website and Social Media. With the changes started last year maturing.

Management of the technical aspects has been shared by Gary Heard, Terry Rose and Brian Fry.

There has been no change to the use of personal data and we remain compliant with all aspects of GDPR.  The database was online but only accessible to the webmaster.

The Website Joomla CMS is working well, however committee members have asked how efficient it is as amethod of communication, Webstats will be enabled in the coming weeks to understand the number of visitors.

As a committee, the ability to add articles to the website has not yet been done, but, instruction will be given to committee members on how to add articles to the Joomla CMS, the intention being that although the webmaster will be the controller of the technical aspects of the service, committee members will have authority to add articles and events so there is no single point of failure.

As agreed that the second domain previously held by NNAS “” was allowed to lapse as we had no current use for it.  The domain existed under our charge until it expired on the 07-June-2023.

The SSL certificate, for securely connecting to the website via “https”, has been renewed.

Progress has also been made on Social Media with both a Public and Members only Facebook pages with 294 and 39 members (some family members) respectively.

Many thanks to Terry Rose for the help he’s given in using and updating Joomla.

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